Algae Systems believes, like you, that wasting valuable resources just isn't smart. We started this company to prove that there is a better way to manage what we have to provide us with what we need. Algae Systems' technology captures what others discard -untreated wastewater and atmospheric CO2 - and produces renewable fuels and fertilizers, leaving behind only clean water for beneficial reuse. This process simply harnesses what the Earth has been doing for millions of years - recycling resources through natural processes - and speeds it up.

It makes dollar sense too. Our wastewater treatment process is powered by photosynthesis, lowering the cost per gallon of wastewater treated below that of alternative technologies. At the same time, the fuel we produce can be both carbon-negative and cost-competitive with fossil fuels.

Some day, every community will wisely manage the resources at their disposal. If you think your community deserves to be there now, contact us. We are looking for enthusiastic partners to take the next step in low-cost resource management. It's smart.

It's cost-effective. It's clean and natural. And it's the right thing to do.

It's the way we think and do business here at Algae Systems.