Our Platform

The Fuel We Need to Create the Future We Want

The future we want demands a whole new kind of energy. By 2050, we will need to double our fuel and power output while bringing greenhouse gases down by 90%. This future also demands a new relationship to waste. We’ll be called on to manage Earth’s finite resources wisely enough to provide energy, food and water for 9 billion people. We have no choice but to meet these challenges.

And we can. Our fuels are made from microorganisms that grow abundantly and affordably in an enclosed environment at sea, leaving croplands available for food. These organisms extract nutrients from sewage, leaving behind marketable fresh water for reuse in our cities. And once processed in our Integrated Biorefinery, our algae yields pollution-negative gasoline and jet fuel ready for use in today’s fleet of vehicles.

Together, our technologies are capable of converting wastewater and CO2 into transportation fuels and hydrogen – while producing biochar as a byproduct and removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Our technologies are broken down into three separate and distinct categories:

•  algae cultivation systems
•  passive dewatering systems
•  downstream biorefining systems

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