Integrated Biorefinery

The current paradigm for municipal services, including wastewater processing, energy delivery, and the provision of potable water, comprises at least three open-loop systems not designed for minimizing the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Algae Systems’ Integrated Biorefinery combines important municipal services into a “technology ecology” that joins the waste streams from formerly separate functions into an integrated, closed-loop system, with an eye on multi-gigaton drawdown of atmospheric CO2 as a centerpiece of our long-term vision.

Algae Systems has created a model that supports the utmost of optimization in the energy balance of a new, Systemics-based paradigm for the delivery of essential human services. By providing the technology needed to empower municipalities, particularly those in developing economies, to exercise responsibility through the eradication of waste streams, our Integrated Biorefinery empowers a kind of municipal life support, rendering communities sewage neutral, carbon negative and energy positive.

Small island nations that now import tremendous amounts of fossil fuel to power their societies may soon find themselves creating their own energy and even exporting carbon negative fuel. Coastal cities such as San Francisco may soon find themselves meeting their own energy needs, while arresting the damaging process of releasing 65 million gallons of wastwater each day into the San Francisco Bay. Turning on the light and flushing the toilet will no longer be two strikes against the environment — they will now be connected as one sustainable system.

Soon our Integrated Biorefinery will empower you to fight global warming with every mile you drive.

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