Wastewater to Algae

When provided with untreated wastewater, sunlight and CO2, green algae and associated microbes rapidly convert nutrients and organic carbon from wastewater into renewable biomass. In a single step, this process achieves stringent nitrogen, phosphorus, and biological oxygen demand (BOD) removal standards with no need for aeration or added chemicals. In fact, due to the oxygen produced during photosynthesis and the energy stored in the resulting biomass, Algae Systems technology enables energy-positive wastewater treatment, turning wastewater treatment from a major energy sink into a source of clean, renewable energy.

Algae Systems provides a complete set of wastewater treatment services – including innovative and cost-effective solutions for primary treatment, nutrient removal, BOD removal, and biosolids treatment. This technology is suitable for stand-alone treatment, capacity expansion, or enhanced nutrient removal. If you believe Algae Systems technology is suitable for your application, contact us.

In our process, we take typical wastewater, mix it with algae in just the right conditions and are left with clean water and bio-crude oil.

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