Why Algae Systems?

The Algae Systems team of renewable fuel industry veterans, visionaries and NASA-trained scientists has designed the fuel we need for the future we want, and patented it with over 20 unique processes. In cooperation with Det Norske Veritas, we have independently verified that our technology works and will scale.

Our technology is not about risky genetic engineering or sci-fi technology. It’s about a simple breakthrough, to seeing our resource needs and pollution woes as one interconnected system, to be solved concurrently by converting our problematic waste streams into sources of clean water and abundant, renewable energy.

At scale, using technology we currently own, our solutions will provide renewable energy that can replace fossil fuels affordably within a generation. In just three years, we will produce truly carbon negative fuels that are cost competitive with oil, enabling an entirely new paradigm for humanity: the more energy we use, the more we restore the health of our planet.