The primary factor that may limit the scale of our technology is the availability of inputs, and with wastewater and CO2 streams worldwide reaching unprecedented levels, the upper limit to the scalability of our systems is high enough to meet a substantial amount of the needs of many societies.

From the perspective of increasing the scale of algae production facilities, the OMEGA technology is simple and comprised of the straightforward replication of a standardized enclosure element many times over, up to thousands of acres. Each standardized enclosure will be optimized for the weather profile and other design considerations for a given application site, which will vary from one location to the next. The OMEGAs are easy to install and can be managed by developing economies with minimal expertise. Our Integrated Biorefinery as a whole is modular, providing a simplified means of installation and expansion.

Finally, and most importantly, the OMEGA technology does not require additional land to increase the acreage of algae production supported by our systems — existing land-based algae growth technologies face the hurdles of procuring, permitting and developing additional land in order to increase algae growth capacity. Our technologies require only open water, which in coastal locations is effectively unlimited.

Like the algae cells themselves, our technology is envisioned to naturally scale, through the replication of a single optimized element, right up to the threshold of receiving all of of our waste streams, for conversion into resources for meeting our clean water and energy needs.