By converting waste streams into local resource streams, Algae Systems’ suite of technologies has the potential to transform economies. By replacing fossil fuels with locally-produced, truly carbon negative fuels, Algae Systems offers a viable alternative to importing energy from, and exporting resources to, remote and unstable regions of the world.

Our technology platform is uniquely adaptable for developing economies. In localities where there are expanding populations and increasing energy demand, but minimal wastewater or municipal infrastructure, our system provides simultaneous benefits at low cost.

And the relationship between economic growth and energy consumption cannot be overlooked. Developing nations cannot be expected to choose more expensive “clean” energy sources for the benefit of the planet, only to put themselves at a competitive disadvantage in the global marketplace. Therefore, renewable technologies in the developing economies must meet basic needs at a low cost, while also providing substantial environmental benefits, to support both the global environment and the fate of developing economies.