Management Team

Matthew C. Atwood, President

Mr. Atwood is an entrepreneur with expertise in sustainable technologies, project engineering, project finance, organizational management, and information technology systems. Before founding Algae Systems, he conducted an exhaustive global search of various algae cultivation technologies and conducted comprehensive development efforts on several large-scale biofuel production and manufacturing facilities. He serves as an advisor and board member to several diverse organizations from non-profits to energy companies.

John Perry Barlow, Managing Partner

John Perry Barlow has had a diverse career spanning many industries and roles from business owner, rancher, media entrepreneur, early internet pioneer, leadership in multiple foundations, and management consulting. He has been and continues to be a technology and management consultant to groups such as IBM, the United States Navy, Visa International, American Banking Institute and many more. He co-founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation and has served on various non-profit boards including the Wyoming Outdoor Council, External Advisory Board of the National Supercomputing Alliance and several foundations. Mr. Barlow has extensive experience in developing nations, having personally connected 10 African countries to the internet.

Andrew M. Septimus

Andrew Septimus’ experience focuses on business analysis, chemical product development, clean tech and environmental solutions.  He has worked internationally on renewable energy projects and water filtration technologies as well as chemical, industrial and agricultural products.  Septimus has additional experience as a senior associate for a commercial real estate finance firm and working for the United States federal government in acquisitions.

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