Management Team

Matt Atwood


Matt is an entrepreneur with expertise in sustainable technologies, project engineering, project finance, organizational management, and information technology systems. Before founding Algae Systems, he launched broad development efforts on large-scale biodiesel production plants and researched many algae and thermochemical biofuel production technologies.  Matt conceptualized and led the development of Algae Systems’ technology platform, while bringing together the team to make it a reality.  He is a strong business leader and man concerned about how his company operates, not just what his company produces. He serves as a founder and board member to several diverse organizations from non-profits to energy companies. When he is not advancing the science of fuels or cooking dinner for the team, Matt is an avid kite surfer, scuba diver, and part-time fire dancer.

John Perry Barlow

Vice President, Corporate Relations

John has had a diverse career spanning many industries and roles. He has been a small business owner, rancher, early internet pioneer, lyricist for several major bands and a founder of many charitable organizations. He has been and continues to be a technology and management consultant to groups such as IBM, the United States Navy, Visa International, American Banking Institute and many more. He co-founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation and has served on various non-profit boards including the Wyoming Outdoor Council, External Advisory Board of the National Supercomputing Alliance and several foundations. John Perry has also worked extensively in several developing nations and has succeeded in connecting more than ten African countries to the internet. John Perry is a widely-regarded public speaker and has been a featured speaker at the TED conference more than 25 times.

Andrew “Mo” Septimus

Vice President, Finance & Business Development

Andrew “Mo” Septimus has experience in corporate financial planning & strategy, raising capital, investor relations, and company management. Andrew has worked on water technologies, energy projects, chemical product development, government acquisitions, and real estate finance. Andrew brings a compassionate, outgoing and resourceful leadership style, coupled with a perpetual state of optimism and an apt sense of humor. Andrew enjoys craft beverages, playing hockey, herring, Kiddish Club, and long walks on the beach.

Rob McElroy, P.E.

Vice President, Operations & Market Development

Rob McElroy has more than 25 years of experience in engineering, project & construction management in heavy industrial applications and executive management of highly successful corporations – both public and private.  Rob’s leadership at Daphne Utilities led to a string of national quality awards, financial stability for the company and recognition from both The Wall Street Journal and Inc. Magazine for his Winning Workplace practices. He is an in-demand speaker at conferences across the country and is noted for his energetic and engaging presentation style.  Rob loves playing golf (God’s most perfect game), olives speared on festive toothpicks and playing very good guitars very badly.