Strategic Partners

Algae Systems is working with leading organizations in many fields critical to the successful commercialization of its integrated technology platform.


Det Norske Veritas

DNV is an independent foundation with the purpose of safeguarding life, property, and the environment. DNV’s history goes back to 1864, when the foundation was established in Norway to inspect and evaluate the technical condition of Norwegian merchant vessels.  DNV has core competencies in renewable energy, oil, gas and maritime technologies with a substantial focus on research and innovation in these areas.

EBJ Capital Group

EBJ Capital is an investment group founded by Edgar Bronfman Jr, and Benjamin Bronfman placing strategic investments into environmental technologies.


Global Thermostat

Global Thermostat is a company formed in 2006 to develop and commercialize a unique technology for the direct capture of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and other sources.  Global Thermostat’s pioneering technology makes it possible to create carbon negative fuels and directly reduce the carbon concentration in the atmosphere with Algae Systems.

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